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Video on YouTube

To view video of a February Sky live performances at Gallery 28 in Geneva, Illinois in February 2010, click on these links to tradfolky1 on YouTube:

Spencer the Rover (Trad. Arr.)

Inner Voice Shouting (S. Urban)

Slieve Gallen Braes (Trad. Arr.)

Child of the Future (S. Urban)

Hector the Hero (Instrumental - Trad. Arr.)

Rock Spirits (S. Urban)

I Was a Young Man (Trad. Arr.)

Guenevere (S. Urban)

Kate and the Ghost of Lost Love (D. Carter)


There are many other videos of February Sky live performances at tradfolky1 on YouTube, including an earlier performance at Gallery 28, performances at McHenry County College, and one at The Back Room in Great Bend, KS